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Sublime services are designed to work on the total person, internal and external. Sublime Bliss understands that a person’s mental state has a dynamic effect on their physical well-being. We therefore start the transformation by redirecting one’s conscious and unconscious thoughts. We accomplish this transformation through life coaching.

In keeping with the philosophy of whole body health, we provide nutrition counseling, fitness training and weight loss training. It is important to realize that a person can be unhealthy and unfit even if they are not overweight. However, modern society’s sedentary lifestyle and our lack of informed knowledge regarding food have produced a nation of overweight people. Sublime Bliss will teach you how to achieve your optimal body weight, how to tone your body and how to maintain that physically beautiful body.

Sublime Bliss was founded because Karen believes that truly natural products are the most effective and safest mechanism to maximize your overall well-being. Sublime Bliss' anti-aging products are an exceptional, premium quality skin care and enhancement product line, specifically formulated for the quality person who is not afraid to be sexy at any age, knows they deserve luxury and appreciates and loves life. Sublime Bliss products are for people who are leaders in everything they do, and understand that their grooming and appearance are vital to their professional and personal success.
Sublime Bliss believes that its clients deserve luxury!
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