Essential Oils and Serums are the Secret to Healthy Hydrated Skin and Nails

Your skin needs help staying hydrated during all seasons, as each season carries dangers for your skin.  During the winter months, exposure to cold weather can leave your skin dry and scaly, causing dehydration. Conversely, during the summer months, exposure to hot, dry air pulls moisture from your skin, also leaving it dehydrated. To maintain healthy human skin and nails, you have to achieve a balance between water and oil. Oil keeps water in and the right essential oils are the means to keep your skin soft, healthy and hydrated.

 Sublime Bliss’ Three Steps to Perfect Hydration

Sublime Bliss has three simple steps guaranteed to hydrate the skin and keep dry, scaly, dehydrated skin at bay. First, cleanse without using harsh soaps and chemicals. Try SB’s AHA Balancing Cream Cleanser, whose main ingredients are aloe vera juice and essential oils. Second, apply a SB hydrating serum, loaded with essential oils, immediately after cleansing. SB’s Aromatherapy Cuticle Serum is the perfect winter cure. And lastly, protect your skin from environmental damage.



Hydrating is an essential step to perform all year round. Your skin can’t compete with the climate. There are two important points to hydration: timing and product quality. With timing, moisturizers applied after bathing capture the water soaked into your skin during the bathing process. This means that for moisturizers to work best, apply them within three minutes after stepping out of the bath or shower. For dry hands and cuticles, apply the SB Aromatherapy Cuticle Serum immediately after washing and drying and as many times as possible during the day.

 Product quality is equally important. Quality hydrating products add oil to the skin, trap water and smooth and polish the skin in a way that improves barrier function, making it less likely to dry out or become irritated.

The most important ingredients in hydration are the essential oils, the water binders and the barrier enhancers.

  • Sublime Bliss uses natural and organic essential oil ingredients.
  • Sublime Bliss’ water binding ingredients include hyaluronic acids (such as in SB’s Ultimate SkinPerfect 3X Serum) and alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) such as lactic and glycolic acids.  The AHA’s also enhance the barrier strength of the skin by compacting and tightening the outermost skin layer called the stratum cornium. In doing this, they also give the skin a smooth and polished look.



Essential Oils Absorb Quickly to Provide Hydration

The most common myth about oil is that it will leave you feeling greasy. In reality, essential oils absorb quickly, leaving a smooth, supple finish. Essential oils are an excellent moisturizer as they hydrate by absorbing between the individual skin cells, sealing in water. Sublime Bliss’ Aromatherapy Cuticle Serum and line of facials serums provide the perfect hydration for face, hands and nails. For optimum moisture, dab a few drops of serum on your face, neck, chest, and hands right after you get out of the shower and after washing your hands (it’ll lock in dampness, so skin feels soft, supple and hydrated) then wait two minutes before applying makeup. Apply the cuticle serum following every hand washing for ultimate moisture retention.

Most People Can Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for all types of skin, including normal to dry skin, and even combination skin. SB uses a balance of organic, hydrating carrier oils such as jojoba and olive oil, combined with anti-inflammatory essential oils. This organic blend instantly absorbs into the skin because your skin recognizes them as being similar to your natural oils. Even people with oilier complexions can slather SB essential oils on to get a healthy hydrated glow.



Environmental Protection is Key to Staying Hydrated

Protecting your skin from damaging environmental stressors such as sun, light, harsh climates and chemicals is as important in the winter as it is in the summer. The key points here are:

  • Continue to wear sunscreen every day.
  • Apply products with effective antioxidants for skin protection and repair; and
  • Use barrier products to provide a protective coating on the skin surface.

 Remember, UVA rays are equally intense all year round and they permanently damage your skin. UVA is what Sublime Bliss calls the “wrinkle ray.” It penetrates the skin more deeply than the summer sunburn ray, UVB, and that’s how wrinkles occur.

 To keep UVA from penetrating your skin, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen all year round. In addition to sun protection, good antioxidant skin care products make the difference to healthy skin. With carefully selected skin care products, used consistently throughout the winter, healthy soft, hydrated skin is as possible to achieve in winter as it is during the warm winter months.


 Sublime Bliss Bags/Packaging for its Products

 SB presents our exclusive line of natural and organic products in beautiful natural fiber, jute bags. We do this because SB exists to provide products, services, information and inspiration that help people sustain and renew themselves and the planet. We want to extend this concept to the very “wrapper” of our products. We chose jute because among it many qualities, it cleans the air and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It can also be disposed of without causing any environmental hazards.

SB is concerned not only with the impact of our products on, and inside your body, but also with how we as a community impact our world while presenting the products to you. By presenting the products in jute bags, you, the consumer, are not forced to put these items in landfills. This is just one small step in sustaining the planet. It is SB’s sincere wish that after removing your luscious product from the natural fiber bag, you find a sustainable, continuing use for the reusable bag.

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